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  • PhD, The University of Tuebingen (Germany)
  • MA (Magister Artium), The University of Tuebingen



  • Assistant Professor, Chinese Department, Hong Kong Baptist University (2017–)
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of General Education, SUSTech (Shenzhen) (2015–2017)
  • Research Assistant, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University (2011-2012)
  • Project Coordinator, The University of Tuebingen (2007–2010)


Courses Taught

  • Zhuangzi
  • Chinese Literary Masterpieces and Arts


Research Interests

  • Early Daoist Texts
  • Excavated Manuscripts
  • Comparative Philosophy


Publications (selected)


  • Das Bambus-Wenzi: Versuch der Rekonstruktion des philosophischen Standpunktes eines daoisti-schen Textes der Fruehen Han-Zeit (The Bamboo-Wenzi: An Attempt to Reconstruct the Philosophical Standpoint of an Early Han Daoist Text). Bern et. al.: Peter Lang, 2012. (Doctoral Dissertation)

Book Chapters

  • “Between the “Timbre of Jade” and the “Panpipes of Heaven” – Auditory Perception in the Wenzi”, in Karyn Lai et al. (ed.), The Pursuit of Wisdom: Cultivation and Philosophy in Ancient China and Greece. Bloomsbury (forthcoming).
  • “On the Justification of War in the Wenzi”, in Stephen Jackowicz (ed.), Daoism and the Military. Three Pines Press (forthcoming).


  • “‘Place’ in the Philosophy and Biography of Laozi”, in International Communication of Chinese Culture (2017) 4(1): “Daoism, Buddhism, and Place” [peer reviewed journal], pp. 53-64.
  • “The Pattern of the Way: Reflections on the Argumentation of the Wenzi 文子”, in Bulletin of Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology [peer reviewed journal], vol. 3 (2016), pp. 209-244.
  • “The Protagonists of the Daoist Treatise Wenzi in Light of Newly Discovered Materials”, in Oriens Extremus [peer reviewed journal], vol. 54 (2015), pp. 209-248.
  • “Spatial Concepts in the Laozi: a Contemporary Metaphor Theory Perspective”, in Berliner China-Hefte - Chinese History and Society [peer reviewed journal], vol. 46 (2015), pp. 43-55.


  • Allan, Sarah, Buried Ideas: Legends of Abdication and Ideal Government in Early Chinese Bamboo-Slip Manuscripts (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2015), in Bulletin of Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology, vol. 4 (2017), pp. 395-402.


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