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  • PhD, Chinese, The University of Hong Kong
  • MPhil, Chinese, The University of Hong Kong
  • BA, Chinese, Nanjing University



  • Associate Professor, Chinese Department, Hong Kong Baptist University (15–)
  • Assistant Professor, Chinese Department, Hong Kong Baptist University (09–15)
  • Lecturer, Language Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University (07–08)


Courses Taught

  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • Modern Chinese Fiction Writing
  • Topics in the Study of Modern Chinese Literature
  • Research on Modern Chinese Writers
  • Modern Chinese Literature and Film
  • Hong Kong Literary Dialogues
  • Chinese Literature and Popular Culture


Research Interests

  • Modern Chinese Fiction
  • Urban Culture and Literature
  • Literary Composition
  • Modern Chinese Literature and Film


Research Projects

  • A Study of Chinese Contemporary Urban Fiction (FRG 09–10)
  • Research on Modern Chinese Writers Abroad (National Major Social Sciences Grant 11&ZD138). PI: Yang Zhengrun


Awards and Honours

  • 2012 Top 20 Under 40 Most Promising Fiction Writers
  • 2011 National Mao Dun Literature Prize
  • Yazhou Zhoukan Top 10 Novels of 2009
  • 2008 Hong Kong Arts Development Council Prize
  • 21st Taiwan Liang Shih-ch'iu Literature Prize (2008)
  • First Hong Kong Book Prize (2008)
  • 29th Taiwan Lianhe Wenxue Fiction Newcomers' Prize (2005)
  • 31st Hong Kong Youth Literature Prize (2004)


Professional / Community Service

  • Hong Kong Baptist University International Writers Workshop Committee Member
  • Judge, Hongloumeng Prize (2008, 2012), University Literature Prize (2009), Macau Literature Prize (2007, 2009, 2011), Hong Kong Baptist University Mandarin Recitation Competition (2008)


Publications (selected)

Scholarly Articles (selected)

  • “Imagination and Entering: On the Interaction of City and Countryside in Wang Anyi’s Fiction.” Wenxue pinglun 5 (2011): 94–99.
  • “The Past and Present of ‘Old Shanghai’: Nostalgia in Popular Culture and Elite Narrative.” Xueshu yuekan 508 (2011): 109–118.
  • “Your Subordinate Would Like to Speak Up: The Literary Construction of the Female Other’s History.” Dangdai zuojia pinglun 4 (2011): 183–190.
  • “The Observer as Mirror Image in Capital Writing.” Wuhan daxue xuebao 4 (2010): 124–130.
  • “The Contest for Subjectivity in Context of Globalization: Discussing the Self-Determination of Third-World Culture in Light of Wang Anyi’s Novel I Love Bill.” Wen shi zhe 2 (2010): 157–166.
  • “The History Concealed in the ‘Root-Seeking’ Movement.” Dong yue luncong 6 (2010): 32-37.
  • “The Historical Construction of Biography, as Seen in History of Daily Life in the Age of the Silver Dollar.” In Han Shanbi, ed., Lilun tantao yu wenben yanjiu. Hong Kong: Zhonghua shuju, 2010. Pp. 494-506.
  • “Two Cities in Love: the Literary Interaction of Shanghai and Hong Kong.” In Yang Yufeng, ed., Tengfei de suiyue: 1949 nian yilai de Xianggang wenxue. Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong Faculty of Arts, 2008. Pp. 468-88.
  • “Declaration of the Weak: The Chinese and Other American Minorities in Literary Perspective.” Shijie huawen wenxue luntan 3 (2007): 67-69.


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