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  • PhD, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • MA, National Chengchi University
  • BA (honours), University of Malaysia



  • Associate Professor, Chinese Department, Hong Kong Baptist University (03–)
  • Assistant Professor, Chinese Department, Hong Kong Baptist University (96–03)


Courses Taught

  • Chinese Literature, Love, Movie
  • Single Chinese author forum
  • Special topics in modern and contemporary Chinese literature
  • Special topics in the history of Chinese Literature
  • Special topics in classical Chinese fiction and drama
  • Special topics in Chinese critical theory
  • Selected readings in Chinese historical writings
  • Modern Chinese prose writing
  • Classical Chinese fiction
  • Introduction to literature(for non CHI)
  • Research method and seminar
  • Writing seminar II: Advanced workshop in literary and functional writing
  • Reading for writers
  • Writing seminar I: Essentials of the craft of writing
  • Writing seminar II: Essentials of the craft of writing


Research Interests

  • Modern Literature
  • Gender Studies / Women's Literature
  • Zhang Ailing Studies
  • Creative Writing


Research Projects

  • A Study of Xiao Hong's Writings in Hong Kong (FRG/2009–)
  • Multimedia Education and Improvement of Curriculum Quality (Teaching Development Grants /2009–)
  • Writing the Body and Gender Discourse: Rereading Modern Chinese Fiction by Women (FRG/2006–07)


Awards and Honours

  • Kuala Lumpur: The Huazong Literature Award for Poetry (2005), Prose (1995, 2003) and Masterpiece Prize (1995)
  • Hong Kong Biannual Awards for Chinese Literature (2003)
  • Council of Hong Kong Chinese Creation Award, First Prize Winner, Prose (1994)
  • Taipei: China Times Literature Prize, Prose (1989, 1994)
  • Taipei: Wu Luqin Prose Prize (1989)
  • Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs: Modern and Contemporary Literature Prize (1991/92)


Professional / Community Service

  • 2012~, Judge, The Shi Nai-an Literature Award, Xing Hua, China
  • 2011~12, Member of Accreditation Panel, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing for Film, Television and New Media, Academy of Film, HKBU., HK
  • 2011~12, Member of the Programme Preparation Team, representative of Department of Chinese, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative and Professional Writing, Arts Faculty, HKBU., HK
  • 2009~11, External program accreditation, member of Creative Writing and Film Arts Bachelor of Arts, The Open University of Hong Kong
  • 2009~present, Editorial Board, Park(百家) Literary Magazine, Hong Kong: Writers Association
  • 2008~11, Member of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, the six Chinese Literature Subject Committee
  • 2008~present, Assessment, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
  • 2006~09, Deputy director of the Academic group, the Hong Kong Federation of Writers
  • 2005~10, Editorial, Contemporary Poetics, Taiwan: National Taipei University of Education, Department of Language and Writing, Taiwan
  • 2012-, Chairman, "The Dream of the Red Chamber Award: The World's Distinguished Novel in Chinese", HKBU., HK
  • 2004-, Judge and preparatory Committee, "The Dream of the Red Chamber Award: The World's Distinguished Novel in Chinese", HKBU., HK
  • 2002, Visiting Research Fellow, China: Beijing Capital Normal University, Chinese poetry Research Center, Beijing, China


Publications (selected)

Books (Academic & Creative Writing)

  • 2013, Poem Engraved of May Fourth, Hong Kong : Cosmo Books,212pp.
  • 2009, The Era of Prometheus I & II: Faith and Crisis of Literature and Education Innovation, HK: Cosmos Books, 273pp. & 265pp.
  • 2005, The Era of Resentment, Kuala Lumpur: Malaya Books, 294pp.
  • 2003, A Feminist Criticism of Eileen Chang I & II: The Feminine Body in the Wilderness, Guilin: Guangxi Normal University Press, 296pp. & 296pp.
  • 2003, The Diasporic Nation, Kuala Lumpur: Xue er, 313pp.
  • 2001, Primary Poetry, Hong Kong: Cosmos Books, 296pp.
  • 2000, History, Feminine and Sexual Politics, Taipei: Rye Field, 431pp.
  • 1999, Poetry Ceremony, Taipei: Nine Songs, 220pp.
  • 1995, Carnival and Laceration:A Border Life and Unorthodox Writings, Taipei: San Min, 305pp.
  • 1994, A Self-reflection of the Life Complex, Taipei: Rye Field, 334pp

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